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  • Cats... in the news.

    Cats... in the news. - Modkat

    We’re just weeks into 2018, and already cats are finding their way into the headlines. Here are a few clips about extraordinary felines who made the news.

    Paddles: the newsworthy cat who left us too early.

    One cat we expected to dominate both social media and global affairs in 2018 sadly left us too early. Paddles, an orange-and-white tabby rescued by the SPCA, became New Zealand’s First Cat in October, 2017. Her human mom Jacinda Arden stepped into a new role as the youngest female head of state, and Paddles capitalized on her position with a popular Twitter account. Shortly after Arden’s election victory, Paddles died in a car accident. The world will miss you, Paddles.

    Cats go to a wedding.

    On January 8, HuffPo featured Marianna Zampieri, an Italian photographer who garnered attention for her post-wedding photos of newlyweds and their cats. Zampieri got started by snapping pictures of her cat Arthur at her own wedding in April 2017. After seeing the photos, friends inquired about Zampieri’s services, and in no time, the amateur photographer had established her own studio. Today, she captures on film the lives of Venice’s cats and those who love them.

    Girl discovers special bond with kitten amputee.

    On January 11, Lifewithcats.tv broke the story of eight-year old Colleen Tronnes and her special three-legged cat friend, Miracle. When a local pet rescue association took in the gray-and-white kitty who lacked a leg, they got creative and looked for a unique forever home. Calling Shriner’s Hospital was a stroke of genius. The folks at Shriner’s had amputated Colleen’s leg, and they knew she would be the perfect friend for a three-legged kitty. Watch this 56 second video of Colleen and Miracle, and see if you agree.

    Science says cats and dogs need our intervention to overcome obesity.

    On January 4, LiveScience asked Why are so many pets overweight? What researchers have learned doesn’t look good for us pet-loving humans. Basically, it’s our fault. And since over 50% of North America’s dogs and cats are carrying a spare tire, we’re responsible to do something about it. Excess weight shortens our pets’ life spans, increases their morbidity levels, and contributes to their emotional problems. Science is giving us good ideas to help our pets shed extra pounds … or avoid putting them on in the first place.

    We should soon see a statue recognizing Félicette, the first cat in space.

    In 1963, France launched the first feline astronaut into space. A black-and-white tabby called Félicette rode the Veronique AGI sounding rocket No. 47 for 15 minutes, shooting 100 miles above the earth’s surface before parachuting back to land. To date, Félicette remains the only cat to have gone to outer space and returned alive. But while other astronaut animals have received memorials for their service, Félicette has gone unrecognized. That should change in 2018, however, thanks to Matthew Serge GuyHe successfully crowdfunded £43,323 (about USD$58,657) last November to erect a bronze statue of Félicette in Paris. Keep an eye open for updates on this story in 2018.

    Do you have what it takes to be a professional cat cuddler?

    WKYC, an Ohio-based news source, told the world on January 18 that an Irish veterinary clinic is seeking a full-time cat cuddler. The Just Cats Veterinary Clinic & Cattery in Dublin, Ireland posted a job advertisement announcing the position. Gentle hands, a soft voice, and an ear for cat purring could qualify you for the post. Let’s see … living in Ireland and petting cats all day for a living? Yes, please!

    Cat returns home after going missing 15 years ago.

    When Jan Barnes’ black cat Winston disappeared in 2002, Jan figured he’d return in a few days. After all, Winston had a microchip. But he never reappeared. Imagine Jan’s surprise to receive a call from a vet before Christmas. Winston had turned up. More than 15 years after Jan's cat left, he came back. No one knows what Winston did or where he went during that time. For now, the well-loved black cat appears to be enjoying his golden years back home with his family.

    Whether our cats are newsworthy or ordinary, we want the best for them. Thanks for helping us bring the best litter experience possible to as many cats as possible this year.

    “It looks nicer than any other hooded or open option we considered.”