Adopt a Cat this Black Friday

November 18, 2017 3 min read

Adopt a Cat this Black Friday

Photo: Partners of Meow Parlour, NYCChristina Ha and Emilie Legrand. You can adopt a catthere


Each year, 3.4 million cats enter homeless pet shelters. Another70 million cats live on America’s streets. Shelter staff euthanizes 2.7 million dogs and cats annually, mainly due to insufficient adoptive homes. 

Would you carefully consider adopting a special kitty (or two!) this Black Friday? Adoption could be the best gift these cats - and you - receive this holiday.


Why Adopt?

The sheer problem of feline overpopulation encourages many cat lovers to adopt from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder. Plus, shelter cats save pet parents money since these babies are already spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and possibly microchipped.

What if you want a pedigreed cat such as a Siberian or a Ragdoll? You still don’t have to buy from a breeder. Many purebreds live in local shelters. You can also search by breed or approach a breed-specific cat rescue association in your area.


Which cat should I adopt?

If you’re getting started with cats, choose an animal that’s friendly and warm. An excessively shy, aggressive, or hyperactive cat may cause a failed adoption. A cat that nuzzles your hand, purrs when you touch it, and responds to your offer of friendship, however, makes a great first pet especially forhomes with children.

Kitten or senior cat? It all depends on what you can live with. A rambunctious kitten may be just the thing for your lively family. Or it may be a bigger responsibility than you want. Candidly? We suggest adopting a senior cat. Usually calm and mature, these cats make great pets for kids and senior citizens. While you may have less time with an older cat, these animals seem to understand the gravity of their rescue, and their bond is even stronger for it. Check out what cat guruJackson Galaxy, Instagram catsCole & Marmalade, and our very ownPurrr blog have to say about adopting senior cats.


What kitten or cat adoption agencies are near me?

Cat adoption centers and pet adoption events publish information on their websites. Also, we crafted a quick guide to help you get started finding cat adoption agencies in major US cities:

Check online for agencies near your home.


Any tips for new cat parents?

When you’ve selected your new cat companionbe it a black cat, a pedigree Abyssinian, or an orange-and-white cutiehow do you get started as a pet parent?

Check out our ModkatUltimate Guide to New Cat Ownership for tips on feeding, cat toys, vet visits, and safe cleaning tips. Don’t forget to add an extra litter box for your new cat. Use our article onselecting the right litter box to help you choose.

If you have space, time, and resources to cherish a new feline friend, consider adopting a shelter cat this Black Friday. They make healthy, happy pets, and you know you did something good by rescuing a cat. After you settle in, send us aphoto of you and your new friend.

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