9 Tricks to Make Halloween a Healthy, Happy Treat for Your Cat

9 Tricks to Make Halloween a Healthy, Happy Treat for Your Cat

We love Halloween. On what other holiday do we celebrate the legends and tales ofblack catsUnfortunately,Halloween is also one of the scariest days of the year for pets. Mounds of chocolate, heart-stopping costumes, and pranksters on the prowl pose a danger to your cat.

Here are 9 tricks for making Halloween a treat not a nightmare for your cat:


1. Beware of chocolate.
Though vital for human existence, chocolate is a poisonous substance to pets. Dark chocolate is especially dangerous since it contains elevated levels of theobromine, which can be lethal to cats. Put chocolate away, and keep an eye on kids who may want to share chocolatey treats with their furry friends. If your cat (or dog) gets into a bag of chocolate candy, don’t wait. Contact the veterinary emergency center nearest you and ask for help.


2. Raisins are revolting. (That’s not our opinion. It’s what cats think.)
A box of raisins may be the perfect healthy treat for the goblins and princesses who turn up at your door. But these grapes of wrath cause kidney damage or complete kidney failure in cats. Keep raisins out of reach of your cat’s paws. If you suspect your cat (or dog) has snacked on raisins, use hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting, and call the veterinary emergency clinic.


3. Keep cat costumes simple if you indulge in them at all.
The internet is jam packed with darling pics of cats in costume. But most pets (cats especially) hate dressing in clothes. Your cat may find a costume frightening, degrading, or uncomfortable. Pet costumes can also be dangerous since a cat can get choked on a loose button, snap, thread, or other pieces. If you simply have to dress up your kitty, and he doesn’t seem to mind, then stick with something basic like afancy collar or aflashy bandana.


4. Nix that frightful noise.
Sensitive cats can freak when confronted with a tribe of hyper trick-or-treaters. Some inside cats have even darted out the door in a panic, getting lost or worse. Shut your cat in a quiet bedroom with her food and water dishes, a litter box, and a favorite toy. She won’t miss out on seeing the costumes; instead, she’ll appreciate you treating her like a cat.


5. Believe in the magic of the microchip.
Do everything in your power to prevent your cat from getting lost on Halloween. Black cats face especially high risks of teasing or malice on Halloween. Besides, an indoor cat doesn’t know how to stay safe outdoors. In the event your cat becomes lost, however,a microchip can help your neighbors know whose cat they’ve found. Check with your vet for more information.


6. Chill on the costumes.
Unfamiliar people dressed in frightful costumes can terrify your cat. Keep your cat away from trick-or-treaters and even family members sporting costumes. If you are hosting a fancy dress Halloween party, put your cat in a closed room and post aDo Not Disturb sign on the door. An introverted family member may volunteer to chillax with the animal during the party.


7. When it comes to candles, be a "fraidy cat".
While jack-o-lanterns lit with real candles can light the night with style, open flame poses a significant danger to cats. Our feline friends are noted for knocking over items when leaping around the room. You don’t want to see that happen with a burning candle. Plus, cats are curious and may try to play with the fire. Or there could be an accident with a burning wick and a tail. Be super cautious with open flame.


8. Prevent choking.
Cats can choke on candy wrappers or stolen treats. These items may also cause intestinal blockage. Keep an eye out for discarded wrappers or treats that fell to the floor unnoticed. 


9. Even a friendly cat shouldn’t accompany you on a Halloween expedition.
It can be tempting to add your black cat as a finishing touch to your Halloween costume. Please, don’t do it. Halloween night is filled with strange sounds, pranksters, sugar-spiked children, dogs on leashes, and potentially fatal hazards. Cats shouldn’t accompany children on a trick-or-treating trek even though the black cat image is an awesome one.


This Halloween, we’re excited about all the fun and festivities. We’re also making plans to keep our cats healthy, safe, and happy with cat-friendly treats and tricks.