5 Types of Cat Beds We Recommend

December 10, 2017

5 Types of Cat Beds We Recommend

Your cat spends 16-20 hours—or about 70% of its life—dozing. As cat parents, let’s make sure our favorite felines spend their sleeping hours as healthy and happy as they spend their waking ones.

Here are our top five cat bed recommendations by type:

1. The best cat furniture bed.

Here at Modkat, we have an affinity for classic, timeless design. Hepper’s lightweight, herringbone/black Nest Cat Bed sits jauntily on the sofa beside you, letting your cat curl up close by. And the soon-to-be-released pod bed will make a functional and modern addition to any living room.


2. The best heated cat bed.

Cats adore the warm spot. Instead of shooing them out of yours, why not fashion a snug place your cats can call their own? Equipped with either an interior coil or a thermo-reflective material, heated beds keep cats toasty. An interior coil requires ample electric flow, which means the bed needs to be near an outlet. Thermo-reflective material, however, uses the cat’s own body heat to keep the bed warm.

Our recommendation for an interior-coil bed is the K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed, which uses a four-watt thermostat. For the thermo-reflective bed, we favor the Drs. Foster & Smith Cozy Cushion® for Cats, made from machine-washable fabric.

3. The best covered cat bed.

Whether domes, igloos, or hooded beds, these resting spaces are great for recreating that cave-like quality cats crave. If you have two cats, be sure to select a covered bed that’s spacious enough for them both and is easy for kittens and older cats to enter and exit.

Our best recommendation for covered beds? The Armarkat Cat Bed, made from 100% polyester filling and covered by a machine-washable velvety material. We also admire the Sheri Pet Igloo, which is soft, washable and comes in an assortment of colors.


4. The most versatile cat bed.

We couldn’t miss a chance to give our stamp of approval to the Jackson Galaxy Comfy Clamshell Bed from Petmate. Your cat can use this bed four different ways. Soft and plushy on one side, the bed can warm up a chilly cat on a cold morning. It’s also sleek and smooth on the other side for comfortable cat naps on the sunny days of summer. You can lay out the bed flat for a sprawler or cinch it up tight for a curled-up kitty thanks to the handy drawstring.

5. The best window seat cat bed.

Does your cat love to lie in the window? Watching the birds at the feeder or keeping an eye on people trekking by the house can offer hours of entertainment. Save the back of your favorite recliner by offering your furry feline a window seat bed.

The Sunny Seat Cat Bed uses four industrial-strength suction cups to attach to a window. This hammock-style bed can hold up to two medium-size cats weighing up to 50 lbs together. It’s perfect for cats who enjoy lazy days and cat companions who appreciate clean furniture. We recommend only purchasing a new Sunny Seat Cat Bed since a used one, though cheaper, may have worn-out suction cups.

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