31 Party Animal Ideas for Cat Holidays

October 28, 2017 3 min read

31 Party Animal Ideas for Cat Holidays

It’s October and time to celebrate cats! National Black Cat Day rolled around in the UK on October 27th and National Cat Day happens on October 29. Since these are totally official holidays, why not host a cat-themed soiree for your friends and family?

To help you get started, we createdThe Modkat Guide to Party Planning for Cat-Themed Blowouts:

10 Snacks & Drinks

  1. Try jazzing up the snack table with your choice from these12 cat-shaped treats. The donuts, cookies, and sandwiches are a breeze to make.
  2. Love Japanese food? How about acreative twist on rice balls to make them look like kitties?Omusubi Nyan has all you need.
  3. What’s a party without a cake? Major bakers can try the3-D model. The rest of us can bakea simple kitty cake (or order one at the pâtisserie).
  4. Cat-styled cookies get snapped up everywhere. Whip up the easyPillsbury recipe, or go whole hog withcat-shaped cookie cutters.
  5. Put those same cookie cutters to use makingblack cat croutons out of pumpernickel bread. Drop into a bowl of split-pea soup. Perfect for National Black Cat Day parties.
  6. Serve coffee or cocoa with a cat-shaped marshmallow. These pieces of confectionery are available from Yawahada, a Japanese candy manufacturer.
  7. Assemble aveggie tray and tasty dip in the form of a cat.
  8. For drinks, experiment with cat-pun cocktails or mocktails like the Meow-jito.
  9. Catnip tea can make an intriguing choice whether served piping hot in a mug or poured over ice in a tall glass.
  10. Since cats are famous for their love of milk, try offering avintage milkshake bar. (If you do this, let us know. We’re on our way.)

10 Decorations

  1. Begin with theinvitations. Pawprints, cat cartoons, or handmade invites with pics of your cat get the National Cat Day party started right.
  2. For kids’ events, try decorating with party decor packages from a famous feline like Catwoman, Garfield, Hello Kitty, or Grumpy Cat.
  3. Hang acat-shaped piñata in the party center. It’ll come in handy during the activities later.
  4. Costumes! Invite your guests to come dressed as cats. Imagine Cat in the Hat, Puss in Boots, and the Egyptian Cat Goddess all prowling around your living room.
  5. Make a glitter box for your party’s confetti by sprucing up a (never used) cat box.
  6. Give your ice cubes a catlike quality with Eddingtons Silicone Ice Tray.
  7. Small bags of Swedish fish, gummy rats, bird-shaped whistles, black licorice cats, and a black cat keychain can make great party favors.
  8. Black balloons or ones in the shape of a cat’s paw can be fun, easy decorations.
  9. Enhance your yard, front door, or interior walls with silhouettes of black cats crafted from paper, cardboard, or metal.
  10. Go bonkers with balls of yarn.

10 Activities

  1. Hire a henna artist to give guests cat-related body art. For kids’ parties, use removable tattoos, stamps, or stickers.
  2. Set your favoritecat-themed movie to play on continuous loop on your laptop.
  3. Remember thatcat-shaped piñata? Now’s the time to put it to use.
  4. With kids, try a new twist on a classic party game. Pin the tail on the cat. Musical chairs with the theSiamese Cat Song from Lady and the Tramp.
  5. Prefer mystery-style parties? Introduce your guests toThe Brie, The Bullet, and the Black Cat.
  6. Set up a DIY photo booth with plenty of cat-related paraphernalia.
  7. Play regular table games like Scrabble, Bananagrams, or Boggle, but require all words to be cat-related.
  8. Buy acat-themed corn hole set or other paw-some yard game.
  9. Set up aFelinia game for serious board game lovers.
  10. Choose akitty card game or table game that works for kids and adults alike.

Idea 31:If you are ready toadd a second cat to your home, consider adoptinga black cat. These sweet fellows are often the hardest for shelters to place.

Did you know there are at least seven holidays dedicated to cats and another nine that celebrate companion animals generally? That gives us 16 days a year to release our inner party animals. What are your best ideas for celebrating special cat days?

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