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  • 3 tips to minimize litter box odor.

    3 tips to minimize litter box odor. - Modkat

    A litter box needs the same level of attentive cleaning you give to your home’s other bathrooms. A cat’s sense of smell is 14 times stronger than a human’s, which means an acceptable smelling litter box to you might be totally unbearable for your kitty.

    Keep your cat healthy and home smelling spring-fresh using our 3 tips for a low-odor litter box.


    1. Keep an eye on your cat's intake.

      The simplest and healthiest way to minimize litter box odor is to watch your cat’s food and water intake. Cats are obligate carnivores and either a quality wet food or raw food will be the best thing for their diet. If you go the raw food route we have heard it will not smell nearly as much, but ask your vet for brand recommendations before switching. A healthy cat’s urine will be diluted when she has access to plenty of water which minimizes the ammonia smell, so always keep those bowls full!


        2. Scoop often, forget the scents.

          Experienced cat owners know to forgo the scented cat litters. Cats do not appreciate the same odors that humans enjoy. The artificial chemicals that give scented litter its smell will cause most cats to turn up their noses and seek friendlier ground for relief. As an alternative to scented litter, we recommend adding odor absorbers-like baking soda when you refresh the box. Sprinkle them in the box before you add the fresh litter, then add some on top as well.

          Odor is nature’s way of telling you that it’s time to scoop or replace the litter. Ideally, cat owners remove clumps as soon as the cat creates them. If that’s not possible, we recommend you scoop the litter box at least twice daily.


          3. Keep the litter box sparkling clean.

            A clumping litter makes it easy to pick up the lumps and deposit them in the trash. If you choose a different kind of litter, be sure to remove the most urine-soaked portions when you clean. We know it’s tempting to shake the scoop since it seems like you’re saving litter, but if you do, the stinky stuff can fall back in the box, putting you right back where you started.

            Use a litter box liner. The Modkat reusable liners makes for easy changing of the litter box and also helps keep the box itself more fresh. The box is plastic and can absorb smells over time. If your box or liner starts to obtain odors we recommend using a natural enzyme cleaner which removes embedded odors on contact. 

            Wash the box and liner weekly. Dump out all the litter, and scrub thoroughly with hot water. You can use a mild dish detergent, too, but avoid harsh cleansers. It’s a good idea to wash the box top and scoop while you’re at it. We recommend wearing a pair of rubber gloves for this process.*
            Once you’ve thoroughly washed and dried the litter box and liner, pour in three to four inches of fresh litter. You’ll want to replenish the litter throughout the week as you scoop it out.

            * Remember that pregnant women should not clean out or wash the litter box due to the risk of toxoplasmosis.


            A clean, low-odor litter box is one key to a happy, healthy pet and a companionable cat household. With a little assistance from their owners, a cat’s bathroom will smell as fresh as any other room in the house. 🐈


            . . . . . . . . . . . 

            💩 Be sure to dispose of cat litter properly!

            Don’t flush it. Toxoplasmosis lives on in the sewer and can contaminate the water supply. There are also sewage clogs to think about. And if you live close to the ocean, remember that the sea otters are going to be living in whatever you flush.

            A better odor-control solution is to use a biodegradable bag when disposing of cat litter. Drop the biodegradable bagged litter in a lidded trash container or litter catcher system.


            Shop the Modkat litter boxes and accessories to freshen up your cat litter area today!

            “It looks nicer than any other hooded or open option we considered.”