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12 Celebrities Who ❤️ Cats!

12 Celebrities Who ❤️ Cats!

Not even a celebrity can resist the allure of a cat’s charm. In fact, legendary actress Vivien Leigh said, “I’ve always been mad about cats.” We are, too, and today we’re sharing a quick look at 12 celebrities who are as mad about cats as we are.




1. Taylor Swift
Olivia Grey and Meredith Benson must be two of the world’s luckiest cats. After all, they live with Taylor Swift, one of the highest-grossing recording artists of all time. They’re probably not all that different from ordinary cats, though, except they get topal around with the stars.
2. Katy Perry
Perry’s legions of fans can recognize her cats Monkey andKitty Purry almost as well as they do Perry herself. Kitty Purry served as the inspiration for a stage decoration during the Hello Katy tour, and the animal often poses in photographs with Perry and her fans.
3. Susan Boyle
We learned about the Scottish singing sensation’s love for her elderly Persian cat Pebbles almost as soon as we heard Boyle’s own rags-to-riches story. Pebbles died in mid-2016 causing much grief at her passing.Recent photos, however, show Susan with a new moggie to cherish.


4. James Franco
Franco grew up in a family of cat people, and today, he shares his home with two cats named Sammy and Zelda.In a 2014 interview with Ellen Degeneres, Franco recounted some of his cat stories. And if you know where to get a copy of that Franco-cat calendar at the end of the clip, pass that info along, okay?
5. Morrissey
The UK singer and songwriter Morrissey makes no bones about his love for animals—cats, especially.A series of Tumblr pics show him giving his kitties some serious affection.
6. Nyjer Morgan
This ice hockey champion turned Major League Baseball player knows a thing or two about cats as well as sports. After adopting Slick Willy from the local cat shelter, Morgan madea video about how this new friend softened up his alpha male side.


7. Betty White
At 95 years old, this lady’s still bringing down the house. The former Golden Girl began a lifelonglove affair with cats when she was a child thanks to the companionship of Toby, her orange tabby cat.
8. Morgan Freeman
We know him for his iconic voice and string of major awards, but Morgan Freeman is also widely recognized as an animal lover.Photographed often with his black cat, the star says, “A loving pet is the most loving you’re ever going to get.
9. Amy Carter
Former First DaughterAmy Carter drew plenty of attention when she kept her pet cat Misty Malarky Ying Yang in the White House. President Abraham Lincoln, a devoted cat fan, started the tradition of presidential cats, and at least nine presidential families since then have enjoyed feline companionship in the Oval Office.


10. Leonard Nimoy
A cat lover in real life, Nimoy gets us every time with hison-screen portrayal of Spock holding a black cat and saying, “Quite a lovely animal, captain. I find myself strangely drawn to it.”
11. Elizabeth Taylor
Remembered for her glamour and love of diamonds, Elizabeth Taylor alsoadored cats, especially Siamese ones. A titbit of feline celebrity trivia - Taylor gave James Dean a Siamese kitten named Marcus just two weeks before Dean died.
12. Ernest Hemingway
The iconic writer and adventurer Ernest Hemingway kept polydactyl (five-toed) cats at his home on Key West. Today,his home serves as a museum and a refuge to at least 54 feline residents, many of them polydactyls. These animals recently survived the full onslaught of Hurricane Irma.


Celeb cat lady Halle Berry said what all us pet lovers think, “I can't imagine my life without animals. I have two dogs and three cats. Coming home and finding them all lined up at the door waiting for me has got to be one of the sweetest joys of my life."

Indeed it is.