10 Tips to a Happy Cat

May 11, 2017 2 min read

10 Tips to a Happy Cat

Is your cat bored at home while you’re away all day? Here are 10 quick tips to keep your pet happy, engaged, and healthy.


Even if your cat has a serious case of wanderlust, a small home can become fertile space for a cat’s imagination. Add some toys, a scratching post and a perch from which to scan the world from above. Boredom will vanish.

2. Pet your cat 
Many cats are finicky about where and how they receive affection. Stroke the areas around his scent glands. Experienced cat owners know to avoid the belly unless Kitty gives you a welcome sign to touch. It can be a no-go zone for many cats..

3. Keep it clean 
Cats are fastidious creatures, preferring privacy when they need to use the loo. A happy cat is a clean cat with a clear line to a fresh and free litter box.

4. Challenge your cat’s brain 
Plan a treasure hunt, purchase a puzzle toy, or look up some tips on training your pet. Cats often enjoy learning new tricks just like dogs do. Impress your cat-snubbing friends with a simple sit, roll over, and fetch routine.

5. Hang a birdfeeder 
Cats are the original birdwatchers. While it’s unlikely your pet can distinguish a wren from a warbler, he will show rapt attention to the action at the window. Birdfeeders are like Netflix for cats. 

6. Grow cat-friendly foliage 
With a whole array of herbs and grasses cats love, why not plant something specifically to satisfy your cat’s appetite? It’s a great way to make snack time healthy and entertaining.  

7. Make a vet appointment 
The vet can help prevent diseases, treat injuries, and improve overall quality of life. A healthy cat is a contented cat.

8. Feed them well 
A complete, nutritious diet is a must if your cat is to remain vibrant and active into old age. Ask the vet for brand recommendations.

9. Pick up good vibrations 
Did you know there’s music designed specifically for cats? Dig out your old iPod, set the playlist and sway to species-specific tunes.

10. Add another cat 
Are you already thinking about doing this? You don’t want to rush into it, but don’t dismiss the idea either. A companion may be just what your cat is looking for. Besides, aren’t two cats always better than one?


With a shot of creativity and very little expense, you can make sure your cat stays happy and healthy even when you are not around.

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